About White Door Events

Maria-Antonia Greenhill

White Door Events is a result of the dedication of Maria-Antonia who combines her vast experience of the wedding industry with over 10 years of creative, production and client management background to bring every client a truly unsurpassed event planning experience.

A highly experienced senior producer in the world of corporate and commercials, she has been behind global projects for some of the most distinguished international brands including Rolex, Manchester United, Disney and Peroni to name but a few. The majority of her career has been spent creating, producing and delivering high impact communications pieces through various different media.

White Door Events was borne out of this unique combination of creativity, first class production and client management skills and a desire to leave a little bit of magic every where she goes.


Alejandra Sarmeinto Perez

Alejandra joined the White Door Events team to service a growing demand from the international clientele hosting private parties, weddings and events in London. Bilingual in English and Spanish, and fluent in Russian and French, Alejandra is able to provide a highly personal and empathetic approach to clients who originate from outside the UK. She finds inspiration from literature, the arts and different cultures around the world having travelled to over 30 countries.

With over 10 years' experience in organising both small and large-scale corporate events in international locations as wide-ranging as Spain, Venesuela, Russia and Azerbaijan, she has a solid track record of event delivery and client management - in a plethora of idioms. Alejandra combines a clear understanding of what is needed for a successful event with meticulous attention to detail and highly personal approach.

She brings her strong communication skills, passion for life and infectious energy to every project and to every client.

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