Full Event Planning

A complete service package for clients wanting a fully produced event that begins with an initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements. This service includes:

Client Management

The highest level of account management ensuring that you are involved and feel in control of all of the decisions that are being made.

Wedding or Event Design

From quirky to traditional, from vintage to modern, we specialise in creating elegant, distinctive and beautiful concepts that capture our client's personalities and dreams. Our vast experience in the production and wedding industries means that we know it's the feeling and memories that guests take away with them that make an event truly unique. We produce various mood boards with themes, colour schemes, decoration ideas and individual touches – from the big ideas to the smallest details, we produce more than a wedding or event, we will create an experience and conjure emotion.

Venue and Location Search

Whether you are looking for an art deco hotel in central London, a warehouse in a trendy city quarter or a romantically rural barn in the countryside, we can find the ideal venue for your event…at home or abroad.


Sourcing, negotiating and making decisions about and with the various suppliers can take up the majority of time in the planning phase of an event. We will liaise and manage all of the suppliers and will accompany you to supplier meetings or go on your behalf. We have a range of handpicked preferred suppliers who we trust and are confident in their ability to create something unique. However, we present clients with various options so that you can be confident that you are making the right decision about the companies and elements that will be part of your special event. We never accept commissions from any of our suppliers and always work hard to negotiate the best discounts on your behalf which we pass directly on to you - that way, you know that we always have your best interest at heart.


Working with you to deliver the best possible solutions for your budget whether you are planning a high end, large scale wedding or event or a stylish dinner party at home.

Timings & Schedules

Budget management and cost tracking are included. Additionally, we will produce a complete production schedule for the event day itself so that all suppliers know what they need to be doing and when.

The Other Things That Take Up Lots of Time

As part of our complete service, we will be the first point of contact for all your suppliers and guests. We will attend meetings, either with you or on your behalf and respond to all emails and correspondence concerning your event or wedding. Furthermore, we will be responsible for all of the paperwork, logistics, finalising contracts, ordering samples, diarizing meetings and all the necessary due diligence that can add stress and eat up time during the planning stages.

On The Day

Now is the time to enjoy your celebration. Clients would be surprised at how many times they could be called away to answer a question or give guidance to a supplier when they should be enjoying their big day. A producer on the day will arrive early to coordinate all of the setup and then be behind the scenes during the event itself managing every little detail, making sure every detail goes to plan and your vision comes alive as you imagined it.

White Door Fee: 10% -15% of the total budget with a minimum fee of £6000.00

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